Easy-to-use software tools that manage and deliver information,
for instant decision making or long term planning.

Aquasition means seamless integration between field hardware and software products that empower employees, improve business processes and increase efficiency and awareness. Each system we build is designed to give you the exact information you need in a format that is easy to understand. We develop monitoring systems - and we develop the tools to best utilize and understand the data from these systems.


Merlin Software collects data from file sources, OPC Servers and online data sources such as CDEC and provides many tools for viewing, analysis and reporting. The Merlin suite includes:

Merlin Workstation
Merlin Enterprise
Merlin Mobile

From local district to enterprise, Merlin turns data into knowledge for improved water management.


Grabdata is an online fee-based service utilizing Merlin.Web running on a publicly facing server to allow both public and private viewing of tables and graphs. Access to additional content and tools for analyzing monitoring data is easily available to those with proper credentials using a web browser from any device.

> See Grabdata examples


SiteHawk is a web-based map interface for viewing and interacting with monitoring data that requires very little programming to set-up and operate. Once stations are selected for inclusion, the map is automatically generated and displays real-time data and alarms. Clicking on a station allows users to see which sensors triggered an alarm and plot the appropriate data. Data can be viewed and filtered and a number of QA/QC tools are available.


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Merlin Workstation
Merlin Enterprise
Merlin Mobile
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