QuB Integration of hardware and software for rapid deployment, accurate results, and better decision making.
QuB What do you need to know?

Data is like water: poor quality can ruin you and too much can drown you. So the first step is to determine what you need to know and what you will do with the data once you have it.

Want to use the data for reports? Do you want dynamic data on a website accessible by anyone you choose? Do you want specific changes in data to generate automatic actions by remote machinery? Do you want alarms to be triggered when certain parameters are exceeded?

The Aquasition approach combines experience and a dedication to efficiency that creates workable, cost-effective solutions for any need.

QuB Getting the raw data

The data originates where the water is located. When measurements have to be taken in a remote location, we use self-contained, remotely deployable data collection and monitoring systems with components chosen for low power usage, reliability, and ease of configuration. They can be stationed in rugged terrain where they will operate dependably for years without human visits. Our systems can also collect data from any commercially available remote terminal, data-logger, measurement and control unit, or programmable logic controller (PLC).

QuB Putting the data to use

Once in hand, data needs to be organized, managed and utilized without expensive or time-consuming software configuration and development. Eyasco's Merlin desktop or enterprise software collects data from any source including OPC DA, other third party RDMs, data-loggers, spreadsheets, PLCs, and applies a systematic approach to defining location, instrument type, measurement type, and units. There is no limit to the types of instruments, sensors, and measurements that can be defined and used. And a powerful yet simple graphical interface shows instrument and monitoring status at a glance.


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