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Data Collection and Delivery Systems for Water Resources

Eyasco's low power integrated systems provide end-to-end solutions for data management,
data display and reporting from your desktop or mobile phone.

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Stream Level, Canal Control, Production Wells, Water Quality

Eyasco's "Quality-in-a-Box" systems are seamlessly integrated with simple, sophisticated software to get the right data,
delivered the way you need it, for instant decision making or long term planning.
Eyasco, Inc. has designed, built and installed water-related monitoring stations in remote locations since 2003. Our systems are used by municipalities, government agencies, private industry, non-profits and the military. Over the years we have dedicated ourselves to develop low-maintenance, end-to-end monitoring systems designed specifically for water resources. This fine-tuned, specialized combination of hardware and software we call "Aquasition".  

Water Quality QuB
Monitor water levels, flow, turbidity,
pH, temperature, DO, conductivity
and more.

Water Quality Pad
Monitoring water parameters from a floating platform.

Dam Monitoring
Monitoring civil and geotechnical instrumentation on embankment dam systems.
Robust Hardware, Flawless Data Management and Intuitive Software

Aquasition integrates sensors, data acquisition, analysis and graphical display to help us better understand and make informed decisions
about natural or man-made systems. So we can all become better at managing the most important resource on the planet.


Integrated Software
Merlin manages data collection, event detection
and presentation for monitoring systems.

Web Data and Reporting
An Eyasco hosted web service that shares real-time data collected from remote monitoring systems.

View Remote Locations
Track on-site job status by mobile device. Monitor labor time, activities, equipment and material usage.



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About Aquasition
Data Sheets:
Merlin Workstation
Merlin Enterprise
Merlin Mobile
QuB Lite
Water Quality QuB
Water Quality PAD


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